Molyneux: Xbox One DRM was judged “unfairly”
Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux, creator of Fable and and head of 22 Cans has spoken out about the backlash Microsoft received over Xbox One’s DRM policies.

Its no secret that gamers were not happy with Microsoft when they announced the Xbox One. The lack of clarity and miscommunication between many Microsoft representatives over DRM and always-on policies quickly angered many fans. Things got even worse at E3 2013 when Don Mattrick insulted gamers who didn’t have a strong Internet connection to go buy an Xbox 360. Things managed to get even worse as the PS4 dominated the pre-order charts.

Peter Molyneux, in an interview with Techradar, has blasted the internet for its unfair reaction to the Xbox One’s policies.

“It’s quite an unfair thought that Microsoft are trying to control our gaming, they’re trying to force us to be online all the time,” he said. “[People] didn’t really think that through.”

Microsoft has since reversed pretty much every negative policy. However, this has only marginally helped the Xbox One’s image on the internet with the PS4 still ahead in pre-orders.

“Microsoft did the reversal and we should have all turned round and said ‘fantastic, you’ve really listened to what we’ve said.’ But you have to over-correct to get back on line. I know Microsoft, I know they were only doing things because they thought they were long-reaching and long-thinking,” Molyneux said. “But the world we live in now is that we have to realise, especially if you’re a big corporation, if you make one step wrong, the world will leap on you, and unfairly, very unfairly, they will judge you.”

Xbox One is out worldwide November 2013.