Bungie releases Destiny E3 2013 gameplay demo in HD
bungie-activision-destiny-concept-art (10)

Bungie has released the E3 2013 gameplay demo for Destiny for all to watch in HD glory.

Bungie and Activision had a great E3 this year. Not only was Bungie’s return to an E3 stage successful, but their brand new game, Destiny, was also well received with 5 E3 2013 Game Critics Awards nominations. So, what better way to celebrate than releasing the entire gameplay demo for everyone to view in HD.

Destiny takes place 700 years in the future after a post-apocalyptic event known as The Collapse ravages Earth. The survivors were saved by a spherical celestial body known as The Traveler who hovers above the last city of mankind. Now, trying to repopulate the Earth, the humans have discovered that a hostile alien race has occupied mankind’s former colonies. Players will create a Guardian of the City to investigate and destroy these threats before mankind is wiped out for good.

The demo is the same exact demo showcased at Sony’s E3 2013 media briefing and shown behind-closed-doors to select media, including us. The demo showcases how players can randomly enter each other’s game’s and begin large live-events. It starts as single player, becomes Co-Op and finally ends with a huge event with over twenty gamers participating. Gameplay wise, the game is very similar to other First-Person shooters with some Borderlands like skills. Destiny was shown off running on the PS4 at E3 2013.

Destiny is out sometime in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the E3 2013 demo in HD below: