New Mario & Luigi: Dream Team gameplay released
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 3DS

Nintendo has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which is set to launch in Europe in two weeks.

The beloved Mario & Luigi RPG series returns July 12 in Europe for its fourth installment, and its first on the 3DS. To celebrate the upcoming launch, Nintendo has released a new trailer highlighting all of the brand new features in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The game has also been labeled as a member of the Year of Luigi collection of games.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team sees Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach taking a vacation to the beautiful Pi’illo Island, where people are able to enter the dream world by laying on special Pillow Portals. Unfortunately, Princess Peach is sucked in Luigi’s dream world by a dark and mysterious force. It is then up to Mario and Luigi to explore Pi’illo Island and Luigi’s Dream World in order to save Peach.

The game features the same turn-based battles that fans have come to know and love from the franchise. In addition to traveling the world of Pi’illo Island, players will also find Pillow Portals that allow Mario to jump into Luigi’s dreams. There Mario teams up with Dreamy Luigi who can help Mario by making duplicates of himself or merging with the environment. When merged with the environment, players will use the touchscreen to play with Luigi’s face in order to make things happen in the Dream World. For example, pulling on Luigi’s mustache flings Mario to great, new heights in the Dream World.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is out July 12 in Europe and August 11 in North America exclusively on 3DS. Check out the gameplay trailer below: