PS4 getting 20 exclusives within first year

Sony has once again confirmed that the PS4 will be getting tons of exclusive titles within its first year available.

Sony has been very good to gamers with the PS3. The publisher and its many studios have cranked out a large array of exclusive titles for the platform. Uncharted, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, God of War, Jak and Daxter, Ico and Gran Turismo are just some of the franchises that have been released the past couple of years. This is a trend that will continue onto the PS4 with 30 exclusive games now in development, with 20 of them launching within the first year of the PS4. Even better, 12 of those 20 games will be new IPs.

“At the event in New York on February 20 of this year, we showed a lot of software,” Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with Gamereactor. “We showed a lot of first-party software. What we did at E3 here was really show some updates to those games, and, as you mentioned, introduce The Order: 1886. There’s a lot coming.

“I’m sure you heard from [SCE Worldwide Studios boss] Shu [Yoshida] that he has—just his studios—he has 30 games in development. 20 of them are going to ship within the first year of the console’s life, and of those, 12 are new IP.

“So there’s a lot going on, it’s just that we need to keep stuff back. We’ve got Gamescom for us Europeans—we need to have something to show at Gamescom, don’t we?”

The 20 exclusives is sure to be another stab at Microsoft who are prepping 15 exclusives within the first year of Xbox One. Only eight of those titles will be new IPs.

The only exclusives Sony has announced for PS4 are Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, Knack, Driveclub and The Order: 1886. Three of the five are brand new IPs. Expect to hear a lot more at Gamescom 2013 in August.

The PS4 is out Holiday 2013.

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