Fez 2 absolutely not coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One

Phil Fish hasn’t decided what platforms to launch Fez 2 on, but it won’t be coming to Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Fez was an indie title that captured tons of hearts back in 2012 when it launched on Xbox 360 before making its way to PC and Mac. Phil Fish, the creator, has since announced Fez 2, but not the platforms. Though he doesn’t want to share too many details about the game he is sure of one thing; it’s not coming to Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Phil Fish revealed the news to Polygon where he called out Microsoft’s ludicrous anti-indie policies such as charging high prices to publish updates and not allowing indie’s to self-publish. Fish’s statements echo those of many indie developers who have grown disenfranchised with the publisher’s rules and restrictions. Many are now flocking to the PS4, which Phil Fish might possibly be doing as well:

PS4 seems to be doing everything right,” Phil Fish wrote about Sony’s upcoming console. “It’s too early to tell how everything is going to unfold but their heart definitely seems to be in the right place. Which is a weird thing to say when talking about giant monolithic corporation, but there’s a handful of people working at Sony today who are really trying to do some good. And whether or not I would develop for it comes down to how the platform holder treats me. With Microsoft they’ve made it painfully clear they don’t want my ilk on their platform. I can’t even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It’s that simple. Microsoft won’t let me develop for their console. But Sony will.”

Unlike Microsoft, Sony allows indie developers to self-publish on the PS3, PS Vita and the PS4. Sony has been showcasing indie developers quite a bit lately by having them on their E3 2013 Press Conference stage and giving them space on their show floor. It is quite possible that Fez 2 will come to PlayStation consoles along with PC.