New Super Luigi U available now on Wii U Nintendo eShop
New Super Luigi U

The year of Luigi kicks into high gear today with the release of the New Super Luigi U DLC available today.

New Super Mario Bros. U is getting some hefty DLC today with the release of New Super Luigi U for the Wii U. Luigi and his friends are the spotlight of the DLC featuring over 80 brand new courses featuring seemingly improbably jumps, formidably hidden Star Coins and a 100 seconds time limit. This is truly a challenge for the biggest platforming fans.

Luigi completely takes over from Mario and comes with his own unique abilities. Luigi is much faster and capable of jumping much higher than Mario. The other three players will play as Yellow Toad, Blue Toad and Nabbit, a brand new character. This little trickster is invincible and turns collected items into 1-Up mushrooms. He is the perfect character for beginners not quite comfortable with some of the mechanics, or just want to play and not worry about any dangers.

New Super Mario Bros. U released alongside the Wii U back in 2012 and remains one of the best-selling Wii U games to date. New Super Luigi U was announced towards the beginning of the year during a Nintendo Direct. The company wanted to show more respect for the green brother who is always overshadowed.

New Super Luigi U is available today worldwide on the Wii U Nintendo eShop and requires that the purchaser have a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. A retail version will release July 26 in Europe and August 25 in North America and doesn’t require a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U.