Microsoft to unveil “a new generation” of Xbox on May 21
Microsoft announces next-gen Xbox reveal coming May 21

Microsoft has announced that it will reveal the next generation of the Xbox on May 21.

“On Tuesday May 21, we’ll mark the begging of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment,” reads a statement issued on Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s blog.

The press event, to be held at the Xbox Campus in Redmond, will take place 19 days ahead of this years Electronic Entertainment Expo – otherwise known as E3 2013 – where Microsoft has stated it will showcase the full line-up of games for the next-gen console.

It’s unknown as to how much Microsoft will debut at the event, of which will also be streamed on Xbox Live, and Spike TV in both the US and Canada.

The current-generation Xbox 360 controls a market-leading install base, with more than 76 million units having been sold worldwide.

As of late the blogosphere has been abuzz with controversy surrounding rumours of the next Xbox requiring an always-online Internet connection. Though, Microsoft has not entirely dismissed the rumours, they issued an apology stating that they “have no further comment on this matter.”

Stay tuned as the story develops, for what Microsoft is promising to be a “real state of the future.”