Saruman the White joins Guardians of Middle-Earth
Guardians of Middle-Earth Saruman

Saruman the White, the greatest of the five wizards, has joined the Guardians of Middle-Earth roster.

Monolith Productions has been determined to bring new content to Guardians of Middle-Earth players since the game’s launch back in December. New guardians have been added to augment the twenty the game launched with, and now another has joined the game’s ranks.

Saruman the White was one of the five Istari (Wizards) to be sent to Middle-Earth to help guide the people in the fight against Sauron. Saruman’s power is in his voice, which he can use to command his allies and control the minds of his enemies. He also has an affinity for fire and lightning magic, which was displayed in The Lord of the Rings films. He is the third of the five Wizards to join Guardians of Middle-Earth after Gandalf and Radagast. His likeness is modeled after Christopher Lee who portrays him in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

Guardians of Middle-Earth is the first MOBA to ever be designed and released for the consoles in mind. There are two-teams of five guardians who must help their troops along three different lanes towards the enemy’s base. The objective is to destroy the opposing side’s fortress. The game received positive reviews for its well-designed gameplay that worked well with a controller.

Guardians of Middle-Earth is out now for PS3 and Xbox 360. Saruman the White can be downloaded at this very moment from either PSN or Xbox Live. See Saruman in action below: