Take a deeper look at Killzone: Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary aims to be the PS Vita’s best-looking and best shooter to date, and Guerrilla Cambridge is ready to prove that.

A Killzone title was first announced for Sony’s handheld when the device was announced at the 2011 PlayStation Meeting. The game dropped off the radar for a year before reemerging this year as Killzone: Mercenary. With beautiful visuals and first-person gameplay on the twin-stick handheld Sony and Guerrilla Cambridge (formerly Sony Cambridge) are ready to stake their claim.

To do this, Sony has released a brand new interview with Creative Director Tom Jones and showed off some more gameplay for the upcoming game. Killzone: Mercenary is the first Sony developed first-person shooter (Resistance: Burning Skies and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified were developed by Nihilistic Software) and the developer and publisher are determined to create a quality experience. To do this, Guerrilla Cambridge are using the Killzone 3 engine to create the gorgeous visuals and completely fine-tuning the gameplay to work perfectly on the PS Vita.

Killzone: Mercenary takes place during the events of the original Killzone trilogy and begins at the end of the original title. Players play as Arran Danner, a mercenary for hire who has no trouble taking contracts from the ISA or Helghast. It is unknown if Killzone: Mercenary will tie into Killzone: Shadow Fall, which takes place 30 years after the Killzone trilogy.

Killzone: Mercenary is out September 17 in North America and September 18 in Europe exclusively on the PS Vita. Check out the interview below: