Mod your weapon on-the-spot in Warface

Crytek’s free-to-play shooter has a lot of tricks up its sleeve including modding your weapons right on-the-spot.

Crytek is making a huge splash in the exploding free-to-play genre when it announced Warface in 2011. The belief that only low-quality titles are made free-to-play is slowly fading away thanks to high quality titles like Blacklight: Retribution, League of Legends and Hawken, and Warface is hoping to join that batch of games.

Warface is a modern military first-person shooter much like Battlefield and Call of Duty, however it does have some neat things going for it. This is the first free-to-play title to make use of Crytek’s highly praised CryEngine 3 and it shows. The game is absolutely gorgeous. Crytek is also adding in some interesting gameplay mechanics to keep the game fresh. One of these is on-the-spot weapon modification.

In most multiplayer games, including Crytek’s Crysis games, players can only mod their weapons in menus. Warface isn’t like that. Players will be able to switch sights, muzzles and under barrels in the game with a system similar to Crysis’ single player weapon modifications. This can be done for both primary and secondary weapons.

Warface has only been confirmed for PC release, but Crytek has not ruled out a possible release on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is unknown if there will be a Mac port. The game is currently in closed beta and anyone can sign up right here.

Warface will release sometime in 2013 for the PC. Check out the on-the-spot modding below:

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