Deep Silver releases first trailer for Killer is Dead
Killer is Dead reveal

Deep Silver and Suda 51 are teaming up for the crazy and wacky Killer is Dead.

Suda 51 and his Grasshopper Manufacture studio have teamed up with Deep Silver to bring the title to PAL territories. The wacky new action title has had its reveal trailer released confirming that this is a true Suda 51 game complete with a unique visual style, lots of blood, glasses and a scantily clad woman.

Killer is Dead takes place in the near future with players taking control of an executioner names Mondo Zappa. Mondo frequently finds himself hired by the Brian Execution Firm to assassinate dangerous criminals from around the world. His weapon of choice is his Japanese sword he carries in his right hand. His left arm is artificial and can be equipped with many different weapons.

The reveal trailer also held snippets of gameplay, which looks similar to that of Suda 51’s No More Heroes franchise. Mondo even wears glasses similar to those worn by Travis Touchdown. However, the visual style is quite unique from previous Suda 51 titles like Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned and Killer7.

Killer is Dead has quite a load of publishers behind it. Deep Silver will be publishing the title in PAL regions, Xseed Games in North America and Kadokawa Games in Japan. Kadokawa Games also published Lollipop Chainsaw for Grasshopper Manufacture in Japan.

Killer is Dead is out sometime in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Based on previous titles from Grasshopper Manufacture a Summer release is likely. Check out the reveal trailer below: