ZombiU Deluxe Set bundle announced for North America
ZombiU for Wii U

Nintendo has announced a brand new Wii U bundle containing Ubisoft’s ZombiU.

Ubisoft’s ZombiU title tantalized gamers at E3. A true survival-horror game that made use of the Wii U’s unique Gamepad in a way that other launch titles weren’t sure did sound nice. Now, Nintendo is sweetening the deal with the new ZombiU Deluxe Set for North American gamers.

This bundle comes with the Deluxe Set extras. The black 32GB Wii U, black Wii U Gamepad, the console accessories and a copy of Nintendo Land are still included. In addition, the bundle comes with a copy of ZombiU and a black Wii U Pro Controller. This bundle will retail for $389.99, $40 more than the standard Deluxe Set and will be available starting February 17.ZombiU Deluxe Set Bundle

ZombiU takes place in a zombie infested London. Players take on the role of a survivor whose goal is to survive and escape the city. The Wii U Gamepad is used as the player’s backpack to select different items. This makes the player character vulnerable to attacks from behind. Once the character dies and becomes a zombie, players take control of another character that must kill the previous character to get the items in the pack.

ZombiU received mixed reviews upon its release. Most criticism was launched at the lack of story, disappointing visuals and repetitive gameplay. Additional criticism was also heaped onto the lackluster multiplayer component. Still, there was praise for the game including the intriguing ways to use the Gamepad and atmosphere.

ZombiU is out now worldwide for those who already own a Wii U.

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