Crystal Dynamics confirms Tomb Raider’s golden status
Tomb Raider 2013

The highly anticipated Tomb Raider reboot has gone gold in time for its upcoming release date.

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have been laboring for years on the reboot, and it’s almost time for the game to finally be released. On the game’s official Facebook page, Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Darrell Gallagher announced that Tomb Raider has gone gold and is ready for manufacturing.

“It’s been a long journey, and it feels like we’ve been on this one together. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support since we first revealed our new vision for Tomb Raider to the world. I am very happy to let you know that we are into the final stretch of what has been an exciting and challenging adventure for the last few years. Tomb Raider has ‘gone gold’ and is now en route to manufacturing ahead of the game’s official release on March 5th, so there isn’t too long before it will be in your hands.

“Back in 2010 when we announced Tomb Raider we promised to break new ground for the franchise – to create an origins story that forges Lara Croft into a hero, and takes her on a journey like no other. I’m very happy that I can stand by those words today.”

Tomb Raider is about Lara Croft’s first adventure, which turned her into the strong and independent heroine we’ve all come to know and love. For the first time in franchise history, a competitive multiplayer component will be included.

Tomb Raider is out March 5 in North America and Europe for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.