God of War: Ascension bundle announced for Europe, includes themed Dualshock 3 controller
God of War: Ascension Special Edition Bundle

Sony has announced a console bundle for God of War: Ascension in Europe, but it isn’t the same as the North American bundle.

God of War: Ascension is out in a month and anticipation is starting to creep in. New single player footage and emotional live-action ads are starting to raise awareness for the latest of Kratos’ adventures. In Europe, gamers will get to enjoy a new bundle.

The God of War: Ascension Special Edition Bundle comes with a Classic White 500GB PS3 model, the God of War: Ascension Dualshock 3 controller and a copy of the Special Edition of God of War: Ascension. The special edition of God of War: Ascension comes with a premium Steelbook case, audio soundtrack, multiplayer double XP, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme and Avatar.God of War: Ascension Special Edition Bundle Controller

This bundle is quite different from the one releasing in North America – the God of War Legacy Bundle – which comes packed with a Red PS3, God of War: Ascension and the God of War Saga thus granting players all six God of War titles.

Set six months after Kratos was tricked into murdering his family by Ares, God of War: Ascension sees Kratos battling insanity at the hands of the Furies, having being sentenced to an eternity chained within a prison for the living damned. Swearing to avenge the death of his wife and child, Kratos has broken the blood oath that bound him to Ares. But as he’ll soon learn, oaths Olympus are not so easily broken… He will be tested as he seeks freedom, redemption for his sins, and the clarity to avenge his family.

God of War: Ascension is out March 12 in North America, March 13 in Europe and March 15 in the UK exclusively on PlayStation 3.