Sony to reveal “The Future of PlayStation” February 20, possibly PS4
PS3 Slim Model

Sony has announced that they will be holding a special event February 20 where they will most likely unveil the PlayStation 4.

Last night, a posting went up on PlayStation’s official site that teased the future of PlayStation. It included a link to a site where it was revealed that there will be a special PlayStation Meeting February 20 in New York. At 6pm EST, the meeting will begin and Sony will most likely show the PS4, their next-gen console.

Years of rumors have been leading up to this event. In 2011, the last PlayStation Meeting revealed the PS Vita to the world as Sony’s follow-up to the PSP. Anticipation is extremely high for brand new consoles, a scratch that the newly released Wii U seems unable to itch.

It is widely believed that the PS4 will be built from off-the-shelf computer parts including AMD processors, will contain 8GB of RAM and will possibly have a brand new controller that isn’t a Dualshock. This is a stark contrast to the PS3, which contained the Sony developed Cell Processor and Blu-Ray player. Obviously, the Cell Processor will be dumped, but the Blu-Ray player will remain if these rumors are true. The PS4 and next Xbox are believed to launch this Fall.

Microsoft has yet to announce a date for the reveal of their new console. However, it is heavily believed that they will be holding their own event between now and E3 2013.

Keep your eyes fixed here on Gamesector and we’ll update you when the time comes for Sony’s PlayStation Meeting. Mark your calendar for February 20 at 6pm EST. Check out the tantalizing teaser below:

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