Multiplayer confirmed for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Previously thought to be single player only, Nintendo has made a shocking announcement that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will have a multiplayer component.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is the sequel to the beloved Nintendo GameCube launch title. Players will take Luigi through multiple mansions to capture ghost and solve puzzles with his Poltergust 5000 in the single player. Players will also get the chance to expand their experience with local and online multiplayer.

Up to 4-players can head into the Scarescraper to take on paranormal enemies. Title Hunter Mode, each player is given control of a different colored Luigi and challenged to hunt down ghosts and clear each floor to move up the Scarescraper. Only through teamwork can players master the Scarescraper and beat the clock. Effective teamwork grants players bonuses and upgrades that increase chances of survival. Players will be able to revive downed allies. A boss fight awaits players at the top of each tower. Multiplayer can be played locally or online, but each player needs their own copy of the game.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon aims to make full use of the Nintendo 3DS’ unique functionality. Many of Luigi’s actions can be controlled through the gyroscope and accelerometer, or through traditional input. The game also looks to make use of the 3DS’ online capabilities through multiplayer, something that the original did not have on the GameCube due to lacking anyway to connect to Wi-Fi.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is out March 24 in North America and sometime in March for Europe exclusively for the 3DS.