OnLive to be demoed on LG’s G3 Smart TV series at CES 2013
OnLive to be demoed on latest LG Smart TV at CES 2013

OnLive has announced that at this year’s CES it will demonstrate its cloud gaming service running on LG’s latest Smart TV with Google TV.

The firm will setup shop at the LVCC, Central Hall, LG Booth (8204) during the entirety of the show from 8-11 January, whereby it will showcase the combination of the power of the Google TV platform with the speed and performance of LG’s dual-core chipset and a new, user-friendly, interface that makes “console-quality games instantly playable as part of the TV experience”. No discs, no downloads or console required.

“LG’s dual-core performance Google TVs, coupled with OnLive’s innovative games-on-demand service, makes access to the latest videogame entertainment quicker and easier than ever before,” said Georg Rasinski, Director of Home Entertainment Brand Management, LG Electronics USA. “By integrating cloud gaming into our powerful G2 series TVs, the entertainment possibilities for consumers are virtually limitless.”

Those utilizing the OnLive app via an LG Google TV can play with, or against, friends of whom are playing locally via a number of devices including PC, Mac, and Android compatible devices. Similarly, users can start playing on one device and continue playing at a later interval on any other OnLive compatible device, with full saved game data intact and delivered through the Cloud, wherever and whenever they want. That means full access to OnLive’s growing catalogue of titles which currently encompasses more than 300 games from more than 80 publishers.

“Our partnership with LG demonstrates the exciting future for cloud gaming as an integrated offering for connected TVs,” said Gary Lauder, OnLive Chairman. “OnLive’s proven gaming on-demand technology enables consumers to enjoy a vast catalog of console-quality games, with no additional hardware necessary beyond an OnLive controller and LG’s sophisticated and feature-rich Google TV.”

As with platforms that are already supported, games can be demoed free ahead of being purchased, or rented. Likewise, players can opt to subscribe to the OnLive PlayBack Bundle for unlimited monthly access to more than 200 games.

In addition, the ability to utilize OnLive’s unique social features including game spectating via the OnLive Arena, recording Brag Clip, and sharing Achievements with friends on OnLive and Facebook are all included as standard.

Last August, after it was faced with financial problems, OnLive was acquired by Lauder Partners, of whom are committed to seeing OnLive’s “breakthrough technology continue to grow and evolve”, through the utilize of both “new products and services”, of which it appears this is just one of.

It’ll be interesting to see where OnLive goes from here, with new and emerging competitors entering the market including Ouya, GameStick, Nvidia, Steam, and after their acquisition of Gaikai, possibly Sony and the PlayStation brand. Needless to say, the future is looking bright for Cloud gaming as a whole.