Latest The Walking Dead: Assault update adds Michonne
Latest The Walking Dead: Assault update adds Michonne

Gamagio and Skybound have released the first update for their brand new iOS title, The Walking Dead: Assault.

The game launched just two weeks ago and is already getting some pretty good reviews. The Walking Dead: Assault is a strategy title based on the comic books rather than the TV show. Assault is now the #1 strategy game in over thirteen countries including the US, UK, Canada and Germany. The developer has been listening intently to reviews and their forums in order to figure out what brand new content to bring to the title, and now they have released the first update:

  1. Michonne is Yours– The katana-wielding fan-favorite character is now available to be added to the player’s team. Her close range skills make her an invaluable ally to have on the team.
  2. New Alternate Control Scheme– A new toggle has been added allowing players to invert the movement controls.
  3. New Rewards- Those who beat the game on Hard and Brutal difficulty will receive additional awards and a special achievement to show off.
  4. Audio, Visual, UI and Bug Fixes- More variety in zombie sounds, new indicator on the chapter select screen, audio enhancements for multiple devices and many other bug fixes will make the game much more stable for players to enjoy.

The title will receive more updates in the future. These will include new episodes “Safety Behind Bars” and “Fear the Hunters,” which feature key locations such as the Prison. New characters including Hershel, Tyresse and the Governor among others will be included along with new weapons.

The Walking Dead: Assault is available now exclusively for iOS devices.