Nintendo launches Pokedex app for iOS devices
Pokedex app for iOS devices

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have released a fully realized and expensive Pokedex app.

Nintendo has been holding back on releasing their IPs on mobile platforms despite the fact that emulators are letting people run old NES and even Gameboy games. Now, Nintendo is bringing one of their best selling franchises to iOS devices.

Out now, the Pokedex for iOS allows fans to take an in-depth look at the vast array of Pokémon. Information about each Pokémon will be displayed including strengths, weaknesses, where to find them and how to evolve each Pokémon. Those who purchase the app will pay £1.49 and immediately unlock the Unova Pokedex entries (494-647). Players will get a 3D look at all their favorite Pokémon and can spin them around to take a good look at every angle.

There’s a huge catch though. You have to pay to unlock the other four regions. Kanto (001-151), Johto (152-251), Hoenn (252-386) and Sinnoh (387-493) are all locked when the app is first purchased. Getting each of the other four regions will cost £3.99 GBP. That isn’t a bundled price, but the full price of each region, which is ridiculous pricing. The Nintendo 3DS has a similar app, but for free.

Pokedex for iOS is out now and supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd and 4th generation. iOS 6 is required to run the app without an update. Earlier versions will require a mandatory update. No word if an Android version is in the works.

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