2K Games releases BioShock Infinite box art
BioShock Infinite Booker DeWitt

2K Games and Irrational Games have put out the box art for BioShock Infinite, the latest instalment into the much-hyped franchise. And well, it’s a little bit generic.

The idea of Infinite is amazing. A floating city in the sky filled with fantastic creatures and crazed citizens. Above all else, the relationship between Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth has been highly publicized and praised.

 So, one would think that Irrational’s artist would put together a box art featuring this wondrous city and relationship between the characters.

The actual box art couldn’t be farther from this. Booker, the protagonist, is prominently featured on the box wielding the game’s shotgun. His head is angled down while and an American flag burns behind him. Sadly, the box art is a bit generic for such a fantastical game that takes our imaginations for a ride.

The PS3 box art is an even more cluttered space. We have the ugly and inappropriately placed PlayStation Move compatibility bubble. There’s also confirmation that PS3 owners will get a free copy of the original BioShock, which can be seen in the bottom right corner. This is the PS3 exclusive content that the other versions won’t get.

Previous BioShock box arts have focused primarily on the most fascinating characters, the Big Daddy, and their relationship with the Little Sisters. In an era of generic box art, the previous BioShock titles were praised for being different. Infinite, however, falls more into line with Call of Duty and Battlefield’s box art.

BioShock: Infinite is out February 26, 2013 worldwide for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.