Funcom previews fourth content update for The Secret World
The Secret World Big Trouble in the Big Apple

The fourth update for Funcom’s The Secret World – “Big Trouble in the Big Apple” – is now live for the four-month old MMO. There’s no doubt the publisher is happy with its track record of delivering key updates to the game, and they’re eager to show off the latest in a new video.

Today’s video, narrated by Game Director Joel Bylos, provides players with a “unique look” at what’s to come in this “massive update” including a sneak peak of the game’s very first raid set, which takes place in the middle of a devastated Times Square.

Funcom announced its self-proclaimed “ambitious” monthly update schedule for The Secret World, whereby players would be treated to a “comprehensive” game update filled to the brim with “exciting new content” each and every month after the game’s release. So far, the firm has managed to stay on track, with the first content update – Unleashed – having gone live in August, barely a month after the game’s initial release.

The next update, Big Trouble in the Big Apple, is the fourth major update for The Secret World, and is set to introduce an “impressive assortment of new content and gameplay mechanics” including:

  • The Manhattan Exclusion Zone – the game’s very first raid set in the middle of a devastated Times Square, offering a massive challenge for groups of 10 players.
  • The Albion Theater – in this London theater venue, players can put on their own stage plays, control everything from props to lighting, and invite others to sit in the audience.
  • The Chainsaw – a brand new and extremely powerful auxiliary weapon that opens up several new abilities for players to acquire.
  • Reticule Combat – a new, optional combat mode that allows you to use your mouse pointer to aim for targets.
  • Massive PvP Enhancements – this update revitalizes parts of the player vs. player gameplay, particularly the large-scale secret society warfare in Fusang.

In September, Funcom announced it would – in a bid to replicate the success of The Secret World’s monthly updates – start a similar treatment for Age of Conan: Unchained.

There’s no confirmed release date for the update as of yet, but it will release this month. The Secret World is available exclusively on PC.