Arrr, matey! Dawn of the Pirates DLC for Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants hits PC
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants

Kalypso Media’s announced that the “Dawn of Pirates” downloadable add-on for Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants is now available on PC.

The content pack offers a new campaign to players, allowing them to take to the high seas of the Caribbean as a pirate, whilst also introducing online leaderboards and an “Ironman” mode to the game. According to today’s press release, the aim of the DLC is “to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering unsuspecting cities and poorly guarded convoys”. Full details on the features included within the Dawn of Pirates DLC can be found below:

  • Campaign: A new pirate-themed campaign with adjusted interface and gameplay
  • Mode: Ironman-mode challenges you to play through the campaign without save-points
  • Leaderboards: An online ranking-system with a global high-score-list for Normal as well as Ironman modes

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants sees players take on the role of a young sea captain trying to build his fame and fortune during the 17th century in the Caribbean, during a time where the naval powers of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands are all vying for control of the colonies. Features of the game include:

  • Two different single player campaigns: Adventurer and Trader
  • Naval battles, raids, plundering and invasions await the Adventurer, while the Trader will develop trade routes and the economy to earn glory, fortune and power
  • 16 different ship types, such as powerful Galleons or versatile Frigates
  • Organise trade with 60 different cities such as Port-au-Prince or Tortuga
  • A comprehensive trade system, with supply and demand dynamically setting the price of goods and wares, like in the real world

The Dawn of the Pirates DLC is available now on PC via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher for £4.49/€4.99. Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants is available now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.