10 Third Party Characters that need to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Some may say All-Stars looks a bit like Super Smash Bros, but honestly, who cares. What matters is that the game gives players a wide selection of characters that make the game enjoyable for years to come. We’ve already seen 12 characters, but there is room for more. While it is a bit easier to predict the first party characters, predicting the third party appearances is a little more difficult. There is just a huge history of third party characters teaming up with PlayStation that it boggles to think who might be in it. However, there are 10 characters that we feel absolutely have to be there.

Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife

We fear that we’re going to end up with Lightning in the game as Square Enix’s insistence on shoving her down our throats ceases to end, but Cloud is the ultimate PlayStation Final Fantasy hero. He was originally supposed to be on the Nintendo 64, but Square Enix switched development to the PlayStation and an icon was born. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil are credited with building the PlayStation brand because it brought gamers over. Cloud is an icon and his popularity is absolutely huge. With Buster Sword in hand and his trademark spiky hair, anyone can recognize him. He is the best Final Fantasy fit and absolutely crushes Lightning on any level.

Connor (Assassin’s Creed III)

Assassin's Creed III Connor

As much as we love Altair and Ezio, we’re sure that Ubisoft will want to promote their newest Assassin. Assassin’s Creed and PlayStation have been synonymous since the franchise was first announced. It did go multi-platform – after a bit of a debacle as its announcement as a PS3 exclusive – but the ties between the franchise and PlayStation have remained strong. Every new Assassin’s Creed release has had form of PS3 exclusive content. This year’s Assassin’s Creed III is getting exclusive content, a PS3 bundle, and Ubisoft is even developing a PS Vita game exclusively that takes full advantage of the platform. Connor is a no-brainer and would be a welcome addition.

Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

Crash Bandicoot

Naughty Dog’s once proud mascot has fallen into disarray. After the PlayStation 1 era the studio became a Sony First Party developer and Crash was left in the hands of Activision. He hasn’t been seen much recently, but fans are still clamouring for him. Crash helped define Sony’s first console as a must have and quickly became an industry icon. It would be absolutely amazing if Sony and Activision can work out a deal to bring him back in All-Stars.

Dante (Devil May Cry)

Devil May Cry Dante

It is pretty much confirmed that Dante from the upcoming DmC from Ninja theory will be in it, but that’s not the Dante that should be in the game. We are excited to see what Ninja Theory has done with the franchise, but this isn’t the Dante that was made famous on PlayStation. Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3 were all PS2 exclusive games that pushed the PS2 and the hack-and-slash genre. It is this Dante that should be in All-Stars Battle Royale because this is where he was born and remained exclusive up to release of Devil May Cry 4 in 2008. The new one may turn out well when the game releases, but there’s no denying that the original Dante should be the one in the game.

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)

Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza PS3

The Yakuza franchise – once only popular in Japan – has become a cult classic in the west, with legions of fans demanding its release each time around. There’s no denying it’s a relatively young property in the PlayStation brands long line-up of heavy hitters, but it’s certainly one that stands out from the crowd. The series’ head honcho, Kazuma Kiryu, former Tojo Clan chairman and known as the Dragon of Dojima – for a dragon tattoo on his back – seemingly can’t seem to settle down with his Sunshine Orphanage in Okinawa, as with each game he’s pitted once again against his dark past. But, after his recent spin-off debut in Yakuza: Dead Souls, we feel he’d be a perfect addition for the fray.

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil

Just like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil started out on PlayStation hardware and became a hit. Though the franchise has spun off on numerous platforms, the PlayStation versions tend to sell a bit more than other versions. It would make sense for a Resident Evil character to be in All-Stars, but which one? We’d put forth our vote for Leon S. Kennedy. He is the main protagonist in what are considered the two best Resident Evil games of all time (Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 6). Plus, Capcom and Sony have already traded fighting characters earlier this year (three PlayStation characters appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken) so maybe Capcom will lend Leon to Sony for All-Stars.

Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Metal Gear Solid Old Snake

Just like Dante, Raiden is pretty much confirmed for All-Stars, but that isn’t the Metal Gear Solid character All-Stars deserves. Raiden is cool, but he is no Snake. There were three third party franchises that helped defined the PlayStation era and those were Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation was a technical marvel that proved video games could be more than just violent. Jumping to the PS3 era, Kojima brought Old Snake and Metal Gear Solid 4 exclusively to the console and consequently helped push the PS3 into more homes. Old Snake is the hero All-Stars deserves because he is a PlayStation legend, and if he could end up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl without ever being in a Wii game before then he should be in here.

Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

Mortal Kombat Raiden

Sony characters have been cropping up in tons of fighters. Soul Caliber, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Mortal Kombat have all had at least one Sony fighter join its ranks. Kratos was awesome in Mortal Kombat and fit perfectly and perhaps his ending hinted at another Sony and Mortal Kombat crossover. Kratos’ ending saw Raiden owing Kratos his gratitude. Seeing Kratos pull Raiden into All-Stars would make sense. Plus, Ed Boon loves fighting game crossovers so it is possible.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts Sora

Now this is one fans want. Aside from Dream Drop Distance, every main entry in the franchise has been exclusive to the PlayStation brand (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep). Kingdom Hearts III is being worked on and fans want it desperately so why not give them a little taste of what is to come by adding a character that the fans want. Square Enix and Sony have worked together multiple times in the past so this shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

Spyro (Spyro the Dragon)

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro is in the same boat as Crash Bandicoot. Like Crash, a studio with a history of being PlayStation exclusive (Insomniac Games) once developed the games and Spyro was one of Sony’s early mascots for its brand new platform. However, after the third entry, Insomniac stopped developing the titles and the IP was given to Universal Interactive (and was later bought by Vivendi). Spyro fell into disarray and obscurity. However, Activision’s latest Skylanders franchise has brought the dragon back into the limelight. Like with Crash, it would take a significant deal to get Spyro into All-Stars, but this is a character that PlayStation gamers grew up with and would be sorely welcomed into the game with much glee.

There’s no denying the amount of characters that could conceivably make an appearance within Sony’s forthcoming brawler, but these are 10 we think would be welcomed by the masses. But perhaps we’re wrong – who do you want to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments below.