Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance set to reveal “Truths” about the franchise

The king of riddles, Tetsuya Nomura is at it again by teasing us with even more mysteries about his beloved franchise.

Kingdom Hearts has becoming more complex with every entry in the franchise. What started off as simple concept has grown into a phenomenon that has spanned multiple platforms. The latest entry is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, a game that is busy prepping for its March 29 Japanese release date:

“If I had to say who the key persons were, I’d say they are the silver haired boy and Axel. This time at the end of the story, there will be the longest cutscene of the whole series where the true form of Ansem and Xemnas, as well as their goals and many other truths will be revealed all at once,” Nomura told Famitsu Magazine (translated by Siliconera).

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has seen three main games and three spin-offs. Birth By Sleep, released in 2010 and is arguably the last main installment for the franchise. Nomura has described both Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance as being main installments of the franchise, and it looks like we’ll have to take them until we get an actual Kingdom Hearts III.

Gameplay for Dream Drop Distance will differ from previous installments. A lot of gameplay elements have been taken from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Nomura’s PS3 title that is still in development. Something new for the game is the Ability Link:

“At first, I initially wanted to develop another form of the command board fromBirth by Sleep. Then I mixed the growth systems of Re:Codedand 358/2 Days and came up with a new idea that became the Ability Link feature.”

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is out March 29 in Japan for the 3DS. North America and Europe are expected to get it sometime this Summer.