Pokemon Director hints at something big

Junichi Masuda, the game director of the Pokemon franchise has said that Japanese viewers of Pokemon Smash TV will get a “very special announcement.”

“On this coming Sunday, Februrary 26, 2012, from 7:30 A.M, I, Masuda, will be appearing on TV TOKYO’s Show, “Pokémon Smash!” Not only that. And there… I will be making a VERY important announcement, so be sure not to miss it!! Watch it live on TV! And, for those of you who can’t watch television on live, I will announce the same information right after the show via twitter!! Everyone, I hope you all enjoy the show!! Ciao!”

That is the message Masuda left on his Twitter account. For weeks he had teased an announcement on Pokemon Smash, but now we finally have an answer. What can it be?

Rumors circulating around is that this is the third game in the current Pokemon generation; Pokemon Gray. Every generation has had three games. The first two (Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl, Black and White) were all succeeded by a third “Game of the Year” style title that encompassed the best of both games (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum). Masuda has long said that there wouldn’t be a Pokemon Gray, but history does prove him wrong and the leak about Kyurem’s (The third legendary dragon in the game) second form also lends credence to the rumor.

Last year, in September 2011 a domain registration for Pokemon Gray hit the headlines. Perhaps this is the forthcoming announcement?

The next obvious idea is that it is some game for the 3DS, but seeing as a Pokemon game launched not even a year ago, we believe it is too soon.

The most recent installment into the long-running franchise, Pokemon Black and White launched in March 2011 on the DS.

Source: Siliconera